About Us

Our mission is to create an enjoyable learning environment in which learners can explore the German language and culture. Our sessions do not have the typical 'classroom feel' but value each learner's individual background and knowledge. We see language as an integral part of culture and aim to prepare our learners to be able to communicate well in a German-speaking environment. 

With this approach, we accompany our learners on their German journey and encourage them to expose themselves to the German culture wherever possible. Additional, we give them tools and strategies for independent learning outside of the classroom.

Anna, Private Tuition

"The sessions have been extremely useful and have helped me remember my German language skills. Antje was always very prepared and discussed topics that interested me. I would highly recommend the course to others."

Amelia, Business German

"Myrjam was absolutely delightful and made learning fun. Thank you and I will highly recommend the course and the teachers. Danke schoen"

James, Beginner Class

"I have really enjoyed getting a taste of the German language, it's been surprising how much we have been able to cover in just ten weeks. The small group size and great native teacher ensured a fun and productive programme."