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Here we will share with you in-depth information on German culture, local events and education twice a month. Please feel free to comment your own experiences and opinions on each post and let us know, which topics you would love to read about in future posts.

German Manchester

The best way to learn a language is to speak it. In an article for Forbes magazine Katharine B. Nielson, the chief educational officer for an American language company, noted that when employees from U.S Border Agency stopped learning Spanish in a formal manner but switched to a more conversational method their understanding and fluency dramatically improved. For any learner of a foreign language building connections and friendships with native speakers of that language is a most valuable way, not only to get more practice, but also bring the language to life and to get a deeper understanding of the culture. According to the 2011 census Manchester is home to more than 2000 native speakers

Learning German - Lesson Zwei

Already little phrases and words are beginning to creep into our daily conversations and we've only had two lessons! Since last week the children have worked 'telefon','supermarkt' and 'mathematik'into their speech which I think is fabulous. Nothing compares to practice and repetition for assimilating knowledge so I take this as a very good sign. They were really looking forward to lesson two as was I this week. We spent the start of the lesson looking over their homework. They had created collages of objects which they thought might be pronounced the same in both languages. My seven year old was spot on with his selection which included 'elefant' and 'polizei' and my twelve year old was ext

Learning German - Our first lesson

Earlier this week we had our first family German lesson. I approached it with trepidation if I am honest, my reasons were two-fold. Firstly, I was nervous that I would be unable to retain the new information being forty and more mentally set in my ways than I once was. Secondly, I didn't want to fail my children by forgetting what I had learnt with them. When the doorbell rang I was a little nervous plus it was early and I was at least two cups of coffee behind the quantity required to reach my happy place. My nerves and worries dissipated when I opened the front door – I realised how silly I had been. I don't know about you but I find it all too easy to get stressed prior to a new venture.

Why learn a second language?

It is 2017 and one might be forgiven for wondering what the need is for learning a second language when English is becoming the global language. What benefits are there to wrapping your head around another tongue and what is the best way to learn a new language? I have been pre-emptively researching these very questions over the last couple of weeks in case one of my children poses one of them at some point. Theirs is a world very different from the one I grew up in where school language lessons were the only way of being taught the basics of French, German or Spanish. I have memories of dry information being taught to me by rote in a less than inspiring classroom. I am sure that was not the

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