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Here we will share with you in-depth information on German culture, local events and education twice a month. Please feel free to comment your own experiences and opinions on each post and let us know, which topics you would love to read about in future posts.

Is this German!? A patchwork of dialects mirrors Germany’s colourful history

When we moved to England, one of our first experiences with local dialects was Liverpudlian. Our life in Britain has been an exploration of local lingo ever since, with various moments of embarrassment (“You are Scottish, aren’t you?” – “I am a Geordie!” … “You don’t hear that I am a Londoner!?” - “Sorry, should I?”). The UK isn’t alone with this patchwork of language, though. Germany offers the same experience, driven by historical developments that didn’t need immigration to shake up local culture and heritage. All around the globe, German culture is often conflated with the idea of huge beer glasses, leather pants, Oktoberfest and funny dancing. If you missed the dancing part, you really

Celebration of unity: October 3rd, the German National Day

„East or West?“ – this dreaded question followed Germans around the globe whenever they were traveling until 1989, when the political status as “front state of the Cold War” finally seized. For West Germans the question always felt a bit weird, given that they were the only ones allowed to travel freely to most parts of the world. When the Wall came down in Berlin, it was indeed the beginning of a new era for Germany, and for the whole world. The end of the Cold War brought hope for lasting peace and prosperity. Reason enough to celebrate October 3rd. Here is an interesting thing about Germany: After looking back on a great military tradition and soaring nationalism in the 18th and 19th cent

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