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“You're welcome” - How to enjoy your time as an overnight guest in a German home

Back in the days when I was a pupil, I spent some weeks as an exchange student in Cambridge, like many other German kids who stay in host families around the world to broaden their horizon and sharpen their language skills. I remember the time in England fondly, but also with quite a bit of amusement. Living with an English working class family taught me a lot about myself and my German lifestyle. The differences were at times astonishing. “Hello, I am Mrs Basser, and this is my microwave” is not the usual thing German hosts will say to you upon arrival. To be fair, it’s also not what you would expect in a typical English house, nevertheless it was my first introduction to my host family. Th

Car(e) free Sundays and ecological conscience: Green Germany

The third Sunday of June traditionally marks the “Mobile without a car” day in Germany – a tradition going back to the car-free Sundays of the Suez crisis in the 50s and the oil crisis in the 1970s, but also on an idea of the East-German churches, started in 1981. East and West German initiatives merged into a day of action to trigger ecological awareness. The car-free Sundays have spread throughout Europe, showing how attitudes change in the developed world. Green ideas slowly, but surely go mainstream. Listening to climate scientists it is not a minute too early to focus on saving our planet – or rather: the humans and animals share on it. The latest European elections have seen a surge of

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