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Here we will share with you in-depth information on German culture, local events and education twice a month. Please feel free to comment your own experiences and opinions on each post and let us know, which topics you would love to read about in future posts.

The country of poets and thinkers (and maybe engineers and inventors)

Sometimes back in the philosophical revolutions of the early 19th century, German intellectuals coined the phrase of the “Land der Dichter und Denker”, the country of poets and thinkers, to describe not so much an understanding, but a goal for their newly emerging modern nation. The term is used a lot today, for good reasons: In 2020 Germany has topped the Bloomberg list as “most innovative country on the planet”, and with close to 70,000 new patents filed in 2019, it also sits firmly in the top 10 of this ranking, which has been led by China for years, followed by the US, Japan and Korea – high tech nations that lead in terms of new IT technology and inventions. IT is a traditionally weak f

The Nile of Germany: The River Rhine and its legacy

Rivers are the literal life line of civilisation. The heart and soul of many countries developed on their banks. Not to say that mountains, forests and of course the coasts aren’t important for human settlement either… but having grown up around one of the most important rivers in Germany, this has always been very obvious to me. Comparing the legendary River Rhine with the Nile in Egypt is going to attract disagreement, of course. Not only is the Rhine shorter than the Nile, it also isn’t the only source of water and by far not the only important stream in Germany. But what sort of Rhinelander would I be if I wasn’t willing to ignore all this and praise “my” river above every other? For goo

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