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Here we will share with you in-depth information on German culture, local events and education twice a month. Please feel free to comment your own experiences and opinions on each post and let us know, which topics you would love to read about in future posts.

Back to nature: German’s national parks and the return of the wolves

Nature might not be the first idea when thinking about Germany. Engineering, industry, car manufacturing, the Autobahn, densely populated cities spring to mind. But then there are, of course, other stereotypes: Castles, rivers, the Alps, Lederhosen and tidy streets… Like many stereotypes, both pictures aren’t entirely wrong. 14.8 per cent of Germany is indeed urbanized and built on – as opposed to 12 per cent in England - but more than 31 per cent are left for actual forests and woodlands. In England, this natural land cover accounts for 23.8 per cent of the surface area, but 92 per cent of this is in private hands and not accessible to the general public. In Germany, only 48 per cent of the

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