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Here we will share with you in-depth information on German culture, local events and education twice a month. Please feel free to comment your own experiences and opinions on each post and let us know, which topics you would love to read about in future posts.

Beyond Halloween: Being spooked, German style

Soon the gates will open to the realms of darkness, for ghosts and demons to wander the world and scare the living daylights out of ordinary people – by ringing doorbells and yelling “Trick Or Treat!”. God help you if you have nothing to feed these hungry souls, although in 2020 you might actually get away with it, as trick or treating would fall victim to covid lockdowns. The spirit of Halloween as a spooky holiday with scary decorations and lots of pranks will prevail, I am sure. Here in England and in many other places – like in Ireland, where the tradition has its roots, believed to be pagan lore as a thanksgiving festival of Celtic tribes. Modern historians have poured cold water on thi

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