Our Freitagsklub is an opportunity for learners and natives to come together in an informal setting and chat about a variety of German culture-related topics. It is facilitated by our trainees and is suitable for learners of Upper Elementary level (A2) onwards.

Winter Schedule 2020 (Fridays 19:00 - 20:30PM)


The Freitagsklub proudly supports Emmeline's Pantry - A women only foodbank, which provides food, clothes, toiletries and baby items to women in need.

All donations to the Freitagsklub will be forwarded to Emmeline's Pantry.

If you want to find out more about them or donate directly, please visit the Emmeline's Pantry website


Jan 17, 2020


Immigration into Germany

What drove people to immigrate into Germany? A look to the past, present and future.

Jan 24, 2020

suitable for all levels


Game Night

A selection of language-based board and card games for Beginners, Intermediate and Native Speakers

Jan 31, 2020


Poets & Poems

Goethe, Schiller and Heine? Which German poets do you know? Discover more poets and read German poems with us.

Feb 07, 2020


German Charts

What kind of music do people in Germany listen to? The youth listens only to English music – Prejudice or truth?

Feb 14, 2020


East and West

How two states became one. From the division of Germany to the reunification. What influences can we still find today?

Feb 21, 2020


Carneval in Germany

What does the Carnival in Germany look like? Similarities and differences to British celebrations.

Feb 28, 2020


Resistance in the Third Reich

Some people dared to contradict the regime of injustice - and some even tried to eliminate it. Who were the courageous enemies of Hitler and what did they do?

Mar 06, 2020


Fairy Tales

What fairy tales do children in Germany grow up with? Discover the fairy tale collection of the Brothers Grimm and much more.

Mar 13, 2020



The German School System and Higher Education

What does the school system and higher education in Germany look like? Discuss with us the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Germany.

Mar 20, 2020


Holiday Destination Sauerland

Discover the Sauerland, the largest tourist region in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Mar 27, 2020

German with English subtitles


Film Night: Kästner und der kleine Dienstag

Award-winning German biographical drama based on historical facts about the life of author Erich Kästner, with special emphasis on the development of his friendship with Löhr, a young admirer of his works.Watch the trailer here:

Apr 02, 2020


German Humour and German Comedians

What do German people laugh about? Get to know German Comedians and laugh with us!

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