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The Freitagsklub is an opportunity for Language Learners and Natives to meet and chat about a variety of German culture-related topics. It is moderated by volunteers and trainees.

It is suitable for Learners of Upper Elementary Level (A2) and upwards.


Fridays from 7pm to 8.30pm

Autumn Schedule 2019 (Fridays 19:00 - 20:30PM)


The Freitagsklub proudly supports Emmeline's Pantry - A women only foodbank, which provides food, clothes, toiletries and baby items to women in need.

All donations to the Freitagsklub will be forwarded to Emmeline's Pantry.

If you want to find out more about them or donate directly, please visit the Emmeline's Pantry website


Sep 19, 2019


Game Night

A selection of language-based board and card games for Beginners, Intermediate and Native Speakers

Sep 26, 2019


Food - international influence on national cuisine

National cuisine with its multicultural influences - Indian cuisine in England, Italian cuisine in Germany and much more

Oct 03, 2019


German and French Relationship

How enemies became friends- a look to the past, present and future

Oct 10, 2019


Fashion - How do Germans dress?

In Germany everything is different- people wear leather trousers and children don’t wear school uniforms- prejudice or truth?

Oct 17, 2019


The Ruhr Region

The Ruhr Region is the largest urban area in Germany - and as a former industrial hub it has a bad reputation. But the image of no green and crowds everywhere does not do the area justice! Discover the Ruhr Region in Germany.

Oct 24, 2019


The EU - past and present

How did this happen? From the foundation of the EU to Brexit. Discuss with us the advantages and disadvantages of the EU.

Nov 08, 2019



Workshop: Stretch your language

This workshop is for everyone who is quite happy in the safety of the classroom, but now wants to test their language skills in real life - we learn about strategies and skills on how to stretch your language knowledge when travelling abroad (for example)

Nov 15, 2019


German Literature - Favourites and Recommendations

Bring along your favourite German books and authors - we'll bring ours.

Nov 22, 2019


German Humour and German Comedians

What do German people laugh about? Get to know German Comedians and laugh with us!

Nov 29, 2019


Gender in Germany

In how far can we find stereotyped roles for men and women? – Is it a thing of the past?

Dec 06, 2019


German Festivities throughout the year

What kind of festivities do we find in Germany? -Similarities and differences to British festivities.

Dec 13, 2019

with English subtitles


Film Night: Almanya

Enjoy watching a German comedy film about the question of identity and belonging for former Turkish guest workers in Germany and their descendants

Watch the trailer here:

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