Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers are experienced native speakers and incorporate valuable background and cultural information into lessons whenever possible and applicable. 

Nicole Neik

Originally from Berlin, Nicole – our Senior Teacher has crafted an extensive adult teaching skill set from teaching at universities’ language centres, businesses and the Royal Northern College of Music. She is the person to contact if you ever need help in finding out your language level!

Dominique Brockhaus-Grand

Having lived in several European countries and growing up bilingual (German & French), Dominique’s heart belongs to Germany and the UK! A real passion for languages, accents and multi-lingual families feed into years of experience teaching adults and young learners when preparing for their exams.

Sabrina Wagner

Sabrina swapped the Swiss mountains for sunny Manchester, where she started teaching German in 2012. Her now online lessons are fun and interactive as she believes that language is more than a way to speak, it’s a way to make sense of the world that surrounds us.

Lisa Gust

Lisa, originally from Mettmann, near Düsseldorf has joined the team in 2019 as a teacher and our in-house translator. Having taught German to learners in different settings, from different backgrounds and through different age groups, she is particularly creative in making this grammar-heavy language accessible and fun.

Ellen Röcke

Ellen spent two years in Manchester teaching singing and German before being whisked away to beautiful France to continue her teaching there. Originally from Bonn and a classically trained singing teacher by trade, she has always felt that sound and rhythm are essential elements of both music and language.

Meike Hoya

Meike is a social worker by profession and only recently discovered teaching when helping young people with their career choices and job applications. Originally from Braunschweig, her extensive experience with children and young people was reflected in her energetic Freitagsklub take-over in 2020.

Carlotta Dewald

Carlotta comes from Wolfenbüttel, a picturesque town in Lower Saxony in an area that is also known for being totally accent- and dialect-free! She also works at a boarding school that specialises in music, where she prepares students for their German A-level exams and cares for their well-being.

Judith Weber

Judith is originally from the picturesque Rhineland-Palatinate, which is famous for its winemaking and carnival celebrations.  She has been living and working in Manchester since 2017 and joined the Deutsch Centre in 2021.

Judith loves using games and creative approaches to make learning fun and enjoyable.  

Vera Hohaus

Vera, a linguist with vast experience in higher education, specialises in teaching German through its music, be it contemporary or classical. She is also the person to contact for advice on applying to higher education in Germany AND Tübingen, famous for one of Germany’s oldest universities and the sheer number of students that live there.

Hendrik Buchheister

Hendrik has always been passionate about language which is reflected in his profession as a journalist, mainly covering football. Originally from Helmstedt, a former border town between West Germany and the GDR, he has been living in Manchester since 2017 and joined the Deutschcentre during the Covid pandemic running the Freitagsklub.

Katrin Naefe

Originally from Berlin, Katrin has extensive experience as a private tutor and as a foreign language assistant in British schools during her 20+ years in the UK. She loves incorporating cultural background information, everyday activities in her teaching. As our newest team member, she will be running our Freitagsklub during the Summer term 2021.

Marion Endt-Jones

After studying German and working at a language school in Tübingen, Marion moved to Manchester in 2004 to complete her PhD. Having taught art history, museum studies and arts management at university level for over ten years, she is also a Nordic Walking and fitness instructor who enjoys helping learners from all walks of life to achieve their goals.