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"I learned some German in school and would love to get back into it - if I only had the time and energy to go to a class"

Sounds familiar? Now you don't have to brave the rainy cold Autumn weather any more to get to a classroom. Learn German with us two evenings a week on your computer or phone.

In November 2019 we offer an Online Elementary Group Course. Check details below.

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Online Elementary Group

You've learned German in school "ages ago" and have not used it since. 

You've picked up many words and phrases from your German partner and understand quite a lot. Now you want to be able to speak it.

This class is at the right level for anyone who wants to build on their basic skills.

In a small group of max. 6 learners you work on your speaking confidence, pronounciation and comprehension of every-day language. 

Classes take place twice a week, "when the children are in bed"

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Class Specifications

Dates:  Monday and Thursdays

4th November - 12th December 2019 and 6th January - 13th February 2020

Time: 8pm - 9pm

Course Fees: £225

What's included?

  • 24 tutor-led online group sessions via zoom

  • Course book + Audio CD

  • Access to additional course material via the group's dropbox

  • An email summary of the class content after every session

The tutor

Dominique is our online learning specialist, with many years of experience in teaching languages to adults she developed our online learning programme and has been teaching individuals and groups via zoom from the beginning.

Read more about

Dominique's background

and specialities here