A language tandem is a great opportunity for students to apply their foreign language skills. They get to know a German native learner of the English language and practice each other's language in a casual setting.


Skype-Tandem is open and free to everyone.

This programme is endorsed by Manchester’s City Council, and is a partnership between the Deutsch Centre Manchester, the Chemnitz Community College (Volkshochschule Chemnitz) and the Department for Town Twinning at the Chemnitz City Council.


  • Tandem partners are assigned based on a questionnaire about hobbies, interests, and the student’s previous journey in learning German

  • After an introductory meeting of all the Manchester participants in the project, the students independently hold regular sessions

  • Participation is free of charge for all 

  • The project is suitable for learners of level Elementary 1 and above


Intakes take place in September and April.